lil nugget update

how far along: 17 weeks.

total weight gain: 10 lbs, but it feels like 40.

what i’m wearing: I’ve been rocking lots of dresses, maternity yoga pants and leggings. I need to get some longer shirts soon!

stretch marks: Still none…(phew)!

sleep: LOTS and LOTS of it. I’m averaging 12 hours a night. Since our bed is raised, it’s a lot easier to just roll off the bed onto my feet with this lil belly of mine.

highlights: This past Wednesday we had an ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby and had the sweet lady put the information in an envelope so we can find out this Sunday with all our loved ones! Eeeeeek!!

things i miss: I miss all things I can’t have. So beer and suhsi are at the top of that list.

nugget movement: Still not feeling much…maybe a few lil “flutters”.

food cravings: I always crave foods, pregnant or not, but I have been eating a lot of bean and cheese burritos. Quick and easy protein!

anything making you queasy or sick: No queasiness, but i’ve found that being hypoglycemic and pregnant isn’t much fun. If I let myself get hungry I start to feel nauseous, so you can always find some kind of food in my hands.

have you started to show yet: My family and friends notice, but I had a stranger tell me that my belly looks the way hers does after eating a cheeseburger…so yeah, I’m showing!

gender: STILL NO CLUE. gahh. we are so excited to find out so soon!

overall mood:  I’ve been exhausted lately, but at the same time, i’ve had random boosts of energy to clean, organize, and exercise more in the past two weeks than i did a month ago. Which is good since we moved…again!

looking forward to: Our gender reveal party this Sunday! I can’t wait to call baby by name!!