I get so giddy when people show an  interest in my blog so here’s a compiled list of the most frequently asked questions & answers to them.

Q. What is your email address?- akreativekraning (at) gmail (dot) com


Q. What kind of camera do you use?- I use a Canon 5D Mark II


Q. What are your favorite hair products?- So I’m kinda all over the place when it comes to my hair. Most days I don’t even feel like doing anything to that afro of mine, but when I do, I use this shampoo and conditioner from good ‘ol Trader Joes, then I finish it off with some Moroccan Oil and let it air dry.


Q. May I use your photographs on my site?-  Of course! I’m by no means a stickler, but if you’d like to use any of my photos or content, please ask me first — it’s just common Internet courtesy.


Q. What do you do for a living?-  I work full-time as an in-house designer & photographer for a retail company and part time on my blog. I still find it fun to say “I’m a designer” when people ask what I do for a living.


Q. What did you study in college? – Graphic Design and Digital Media.


Q. Can I hire you for custom design work? – Yes! I am available for custom graphic design, branding, web design and custom projects. Check out my shop for some made to order designs. Have a project in mind? Email me to start a conversation about your new project!


Q. What do you use to edit your photos/create collages?-  Photoshop. Or Afterlight for my iPhone photos.


Q. Why did you name your blog A Kreative Kraning?-  I love being creative & I married a man with the last name Kraning. I combined the two, along with “A” as in Alaina and voila, there you have A Kreative Kraning! It seemed fitting.


Q. How Many Siblings do you Have?-  I grew up in a house full of girls, 3 sisters to be exact! My poor father never stood a chance.


Q. What program do you use to design in?- Adobe illustrator and I love busting out my Wacom tablet.


I’m happy to answer any questions you might have. Just simply submit your questions by emailing me here!

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