30 weeks and kickin’

how far along: 30 weeks.

what i’m wearing: lots and lots of loose clothes, basically anything that makes mama comfortable. Oh and my rainbow sandals are the only pair of shoes that fit my feet right now! Yikes!

stretch marks: still none…(yay)! my doctor was pretty impressed by this as am I, because I AM HUGE!

sleep: The past two weeks have been semi brutal, luckily my mama gifted me a pregnancy pillow that has helped tremendously with my back pain, but I still wake up a bunch, mainly because how hot I get!

highlights: I had a check up on Tuesday and my Doctor thinks I am actually further along than he expected and has scheduled us an ultrasound today to find out more.

things i miss: This week I miss red bull. I know, I know, it’s horrible for me, but it sound sooooo good! Don’t worry, I can wait it out to have one after Everly decides to show up.

lil e’s movement: We felt her lil head…or bum…something round that’s for sure. My eyes filled with tears knowing that our lil miracle is only 10 short weeks away!

food cravings: Still anything spicy. Oh and Reeses Easter eggs were a nice treat this past month ;)

anything making you queasy or sick: Traffic/motion sickness. The good ol’ 91 freeway and all its stop and go doesn’t agree with this mama.

have you started to show yet: I think this question is irrelevant now ha

overall mood:  Smitten. I am so eager to meet our baby girl and it shows!

looking forward to: Baby Showers!!! Whoop Whoop!

baby ‘e’ update

how far along: 26 weeks (well, tomorrow, friday).

total weight gain: too much! ha

what i’m wearing: still rocking lots of dresses, and any sandals that still fit me. – my feet decided to start swelling this week.

stretch marks: still none…(yay)!

sleep: I’ve been waking up at 4am most nights and have trouble falling back to sleep. It usually only takes about 20 minutes fall back asleep. around the same time I have to start getting ready for work. blah.  also, getting out of bed is so hard with this big old belly! i count to three before i hoist myself out of the bed most mornings.

highlights: kolin and I have been busy. REAL busy with our families. I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home getting baby E’s nursery together.

things i miss: I pretty much miss being skinny. ha, but am happy about the weight when I think of my lil peach.

lil e’s movement: lots of it! I feel her kicking throughout the day mostly on my right side. I love it.

food cravings: anything and everything spicy, please.

anything making you queasy or sick: kinda, the thought of bananas still gross me out.

have you started to show yet: I think it’s safe to say, YES!

overall mood:  I have random boosts of energy to clean, organize, and exercise more in the past two weeks than I did a month ago, but mostly I’m just tired all the time.

looking forward to: meeting miss everly lennon!