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I’m Alaina Kraning, the spirited lady behind this gig.

A twenty-somethin year old designer, living in Southern California with my bearded hunk of a husband you see over there to your left. His name is Kolin (I call him Handsome around here) & we have a baby girl on the way, making her debut in June of this year! We are SO excited to meet her!!

To sum things up, I’m an old soul who loves to laugh and make people laugh in return. I really don’t care if it’s a pity laugh. I’ll still feel victorious!

A Kreative Kraning is a place for me to collect & post everything I’m passionate about. Which is mostly my family, creativity & adventures!

In 2013 I took a leap of faith & after tons of encouragement from my friends & family, I opened up my very own Etsy Shop where I sell some of the items featured on this blog. The inventory over there is updated sporadically so keep checking in to see what’s new!

Let’s be real for a hot minute. Most posts I write, I like to keep things up-beat & positive, but I’ll be completely honest when life is anything less than glamorous!

I hope you; my audience, family, friends & supporters, find yourself laughing (hopefully with me & not at me, but there’s no guarantee there!) when you visit my blog & more importantly, I hope you find some kind of encouragement along the way.

Grab a cup of tea and stay a while if you fancy.

silly but fun facts

  • My husband refers to me as his “girlfriend for life”.
  • We rescued both of our cute little pups, Mowgli & Rufus.
  • I’m naturally a very shy person, at first. Key phrase… at first.
  • The freedom that comes from knowing Christ, is the main reason I smile.
  • If I’m in charge of dinner, you can count on eating some kind of pasta dish.
  • Receiving snail mail makes me oh so happy! {I’m a great pen pal, just sayin}.
  • Ice-cream is my go-to dessert. I could eat it after every meal & sometimes I do.
  • One of my biggest pet peeves : when people chew with their mouths open. distcustamoondo!
  • I have no rhythm what-so-ever & most occasions, I end up standing on top of K’s feet when we dance.

Still curious? Head on over to my FAQ page to find out more & if you don’t find an answer to what you’re lookin’ for there,  I’m more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Just simply submit your questions below or you can send any written requests or mail to:

PO Box 417

Yorba Linda, CA 92885


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