gift tag freebie

It’s Friday!!! Woohoo! Did this week just fly by, or is it just me!? All those grown ups older wiser than me were right when they mentioned time passes you by faster & faster each & every year.

I can’t even image how it will be like once I have kids! Holy smokes!

To kick off the weekend, here’s a freebie for ya!GIiftTags-01

{click on the tags above to download}


We have a ton of birthdays coming up which means a ton of presents…which means I get to have fun & be creative with a ton of packaging!

I’ve found some adorable gift tags in stores, but since we are on a tight budget, I thought I’d design some simple ones and share them with you. For Free!!

You can download these gift tags & print them on any plain, color, textured, you name it, kind of paper! Personally, I’ll probably stick with the classic kraft paper that I love using oh so much!

I hope you enjoy using them & have fun partying!


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