thursday thoughts | september 25th


“as the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.” – psalms 42:1


Isn’t it amazing that the writer of this psalms had a longing for God as intense as that of a deer searching for water? Such a longing is intent on just a single priority. I wish more circumstances in my life were that “tunnel vision”.

We long to commune with the Lord, but taking the time daily to be in His Word is so, so difficult. There are somedays I am in such a rush that the “I’ll do it later” thoughts come rushing into my head. I know, it’s a sad excuse & a habit we all need to break. Will you help me meet with our God on a more regular basis?

The literal meaning of “meet with God”, is to examine the face of God. The bible was written for us & every story has a specific meaning to that who’s reading it. I’ve read versus multiple times & sometimes the same exact verse has a different meaning to me the second go around. Mostly due to what’s going on in my life during that season of time.

I need & WANT to make the time to read His word daily & then write back to Him as they apply to me.

Can I propose a challenge to you? A challenge to make the time to meet with Him today. like TODAY, today! I know it’s so hard in this busy life of ours, but really, just a few minutes out of our day to take the time & examine the face of our God is nothing compared to what He has given us!

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