thursday thoughts | september 18th


“find joy in the ordinary”

So lately, I’ve noticed some similarities between my blog and other blogs I read on my BlogLovin feed. Most similarities being, we all like to find joy in what we do. Whether that be everyday occurrences or life altering events. I’m glad to be a part of a community that lifts each other up in this ordinary everyday life.

Yes I combine my love of photography and design with what I like to call my neatly organized scatterbrained of a life. I find joy in this ordinary blog. A joy in my personal development with it in this past year.

And yes I like to keep things light here, because the truth is, reality can be dark sometimes and I want my readers to come to this blog of mine and be inspired, to leave with a smile on their face. A lot of my posts tend to highlight a lot of my goals and my efforts to reach them and by the time I’m done writing a post up I usually have a smile on my face!

I try my best to find joy in the ordinary, how bout you?


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