fall is here

ok so maybe I’m jumpin’ the gun a bit, but can you blame me? I mean, who doesn’t love Fall?

I’m so ready for the weather to have that crispy feeling in the air…to finally be cool enough to order a PSL… Mmmm yum!!

To-do’s and Goals for the Fall 2014:

– sew more, maybe even make some Christmas gifts this year
– apple picking is  a must
try my hardest to become a runner again (darn back problems)
– get my hiking boots out and put them to good use***
– plan more girls nights
– comment more when I visit blogs
– find a killer new place to live before the holidays
– celebrate the big 25
– go location scouting for a few new settings for upcoming family portraits

Ok folks, you heard it here. Keep me accountable for the above and I’ll do my best to keep you updated whenever I accomplish one of those goals!

Do you have any goals for this Fall? I’d love to hear them!


***p.s. know of any good places to go hiking in Southern Cali, I’m lookin for new places to try out


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