thursday thoughts | august 14th


“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” – Robin Williams


I believe his acting & funny spirit has left a huge impact on our culture. He was fearless when it came to his art. Fearless to make us laugh. But full of fear for his life.

He was an honest man about his brokenness & shared those struggles publicly, when so many try to hide it. It saddens me that he’s gone.

Be as audacious about your fears as you are about your passions.

Please don’t hide it.

Instead, share with someone that you are breaking. You will discover that they are breaking as well. Know that it’s okay to be broken, scared or to even ask for help when feeling broken. We are all broken in someway & should always be willing to help one another through it.

This quote of his has reminded me to live. Live fully and fearlessly. To push a little harder, to truly & madly dive into the things I believe in.

I want to encourage those that may have it on your heart, to look into The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and see how you can help others who are broken right now.

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