thursday thoughts | july 24th


“Look deeper into nature and you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

I mean, how couldn’t this be true?

– God created nature and all it’s glory.

– I instantly get happy when I’m outside, feeling the sun beam down on my bare skin.

– Hearing nature’s sounds are soothing.

– The list could go on and on, people.

I’ve been CRAVING to go camping lately. Like really bad and after seeing this quote I realized I’ve gotta make it happen! So if you have a place in mind located in Southern California, please let me know! I’ll bake cookies for you :)

Also, if you hadn’t noticed, I changed “thirsty thursday’s” to “thursday thoughts”. This change has been a thought for some time now, but I just kept forgetting to make it. I just felt like “thirsty thursday” was a tad confusing to new readers since, well, I’m not talking about drinks ha. So I hope this switch to “thursday thoughts” is a smooth transition and helps with any confusion.

Now go outside and look deeper into nature ya’ll!

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