the dirty dozen and clean fifteen

As of late (like last week late) I’ve decided to try and clean up my diet for health reasons. It hasn’t worked out so much, let me tell you. That batch of Texas Gold Bars I made, almost didn’t leave my kitchen since they were so darn tasty, but I decided to share. How nice of me, right? I figured if I publicly announce that I’m trying to change my diet then it would keep me accountable…so if you see me chowin’ down that plate of fresh baked cookies, slap them out of my hands. No seriously, do it.

Now that, that’s taken care of…

I’m sure some, if not all of you have heard of the dirty dozen and clean fifteen…no? Well let me take a quick minute to explain just in case.


The dirty dozen and clean fifteen, published by the Environmental Working Group  is based upon laboratory tests done by the USDA Pesticide Testing Program and the FDA on conventional (non-organic) foods. The EWA analyzes the test results and compiles a list of the crops with the highest and lowest residue of pesticides on them.

I think these lists are super helpful for folks who want to avoid exposure to chemical pesticides engineered to kill bugs (uh hello…can’t be good for us!!!), now I know buying organic can become kinda pricey, so i’ll do my homework and compile some do’s and don’ts for ya’ll once I get in the swing of this whole eating healthy stuff. I do know that I am going to become a regular at my local farmer’s market, so if you feel so inclined to do so, I’d definitely suggest to start there too!

What are some ways that you’ve changed your diet? I really would love to know, I’m horrible at eating healthy!


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