dream home, dream location, dream of mine

Have you ever envisioned yourself living somewhere completely different than what you’re used to?

I have, my entire life.

I have always wanted to move out of California, my imagination has taken me to the most beautiful of meadows with fields full of wildflowers and woods to get lost in and every now and then I torture myself and look at homes far away for Kolin and I to purchase.

And  as the years pass, a very persistent voice has grown louder and louder in our souls.

Go on an adventure.


I know you’re probably thinking “is she crazy? they just moved!” and don’t get me wrong, I am so so so grateful for our move into Orange County, but a girl can still have long term dreams, can’t she?

I grew up in a small town called Norco, where there were and still are more horses than there are people. I remember when the Target was built and how big of a deal it was that we were getting something so luxurious in our small horse town. On weekends my family would go to the “creek” to camp and oh was that a magical place to be. I felt so free, my parents would let us roam free without a worry, I’d capture tadpoles, go on hikes with my dad, swing on a tire swing with the fresh breeze blowing through my curly mess of a head and then get covered in bugs while making mud pies. I lived for those weekends.

Kolin on the other hand,  grew up in Northern California in an even smaller town called Cool. It’s a little North of Sacramento, for those of you who aren’t familiar. He had lots of open space to run through and roam free and he wouldn’t trade those days for nothin.

I want our children to live fully like I did on the weekends at the creek and how K did his whole childhood. That would be my dream.

Here’s a look into my dream:road-01

we’d take a road like this to get to our home.


there would be a front porch like this.


a kitchen like this. 

I could just hear our record player playing in the background and our someday kids getting into mischief, heck, Kolin maybe I’ll even start cooking regularly…something other than a pasta dish haha. It’s putting a smile on my face just thinking about it!

Maybe someday we will take that leap and move across the country, but in the meantime I choose to live with joy in my heart knowing that we have a roof over our head here in California with our loved ones close by.

Do you have a similar dream to me? Where’s your dream home? Dream location? Or what made you take that leap of faith and move?

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One thought on “dream home, dream location, dream of mine

  1. I dreamed about moving my family to beautiful Colorado…. and we did…. and it was beautiful…for a while. We had it all, a huge new house on 2.5 acres with a view of the Rockies for as far as the eye could see. We had amazing sunsets, amazing colors on the trees in the fall and snowy winter days. What else could we ask for you say? Maybe some extended family and close friends I say. It was said “they’ll be back to SoCal soon” I said… “ya right! NO WAY!!!”.. we’re outta here! See ya Grindy1 fwy! Well, let me say this… yes, the grass might be greener on the other side but it’s still the same grass. Maybe someday you’ll make the move and maybe it will work out for you (and I would hope it would if you did) but for most SoCal natives it doesn’t. Believe it or not we get use to our beautiful weather, beaches and mountains within an hour of each other…and making Starbucks runs anytime of the night and sitting out and sipping that drink with those flip flops on all year round. : (

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