thirsty thursday | july 10th


Isn’t this quote as well as the design awesome? I wish I knew who made it…it was one of those random Pinterest finds.

For reals though, “The dream is free but the hustle is sold separately”  

Lately I have been hustling to the max my friends. You know that post here about slowing down? Yeah that hasn’t happened much unfortunately. With our move into Orange County we  have had countless projects around the house, okay, mostly me asking my husband (bless him) for help with things I cannot do, see here for that,  but it’s finally starting to have that “homey” feel to it. I’ll post a “home tour” as soon as we have some breathing room.

We’ve also had graduation after graduation, birthday shindig after birthday shindig, wedding after and well you get the idea.

I am sooo looking forward to next month where I can relax! Hmm that word kinda seems foreign to me, but that’s okay…I’m thankful for all the friends and family we have to celebrate life’s adventures with!


What are some fun and hustling things ya’ll are up to this Summer?


Oh and PS. I’m looking for ideas/crafts to add to my etsy shop…YOUR input would be greatly appreciated and who knows…maybe you’ll receive something in return for your help :)



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