thirsty thursday | july 3rd

So in this modern world, where the silly, but harsh realities of  the human natural state can be seen with merely a click of a button, I often find myself wondering where I belong in all of this. What can I contribute to make this place a better place to live in? Good vibes.

Anytime I read posts by loved ones via Facebook, Instagram, and pretty much any other form of social media, I feel like it pollutes my mind with information that is so unbelievably negative and biased, but the worst part about this issue is that I find it altering the way I think and I start becoming negative because I see it so passionately talked about by the people I love.

Now, I believe every one has the right to speak their mind, heck that’s the whole point of this blog… and I should probably just stop reading Negative Nancy’s status’ on Facebook, but shouldn’t we be trying to encourage one another and lift each other up instead of doing what we do by being  downers?

goodvibesonlyI’m talkin’ bout sending out good vibes only.

I know you’re probably thinking “sure easier said than done” and you’re totally right, I’m guilty of posting something negative here and there, but I’m pretty much a positive person 98% of the time, that 2% though, it sure takes a toll on my whole demeanor.

I don’t know about ya’ll, but when I’m positive and full of good vibes, I’m a  happier person and let me tell you…it’s contagious. I have my husband to thank for this. Kolin is seriously the most positive person I know (unless he’s making a joke…oh those jokes of his are told by his devious twin brother I swear!) and it rubs off on me! The positive part, not the devious twin brother part! Just sayin’.

I challenge you to try to be positive for one week. ONE week, you can do this! I’d love to hear how it goes!

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