celebrating one year with a party planning freebie

Today officially marks the one year anniversary of A Kreative Kraning.  I started this here blog  with a thought of it being a way for friends and family to catch up on what I’ve been up to. I knew I wanted to create a space (and still am creating) where I could share all of my passions combined.


After about a week of having A Kreative Kraning up and running, I was blown away from discovering this wonderful blogosphereI found so many inspiring posts from fellow bloggers and I couldn’t wait to read EVERYTHING!


My blog has given me a lot of great opportunities and has connected me to others I otherwise would have never met. I am so so SO grateful for all the amazing friendships built along the way and am looking forward to get to know even more of you.


Every single one of my readers has been such an encouragement and I want to personally thank you for making this such a fun experience for me. I still have quite a bit to learn and I am continuing to grow with each passing day.


With all that being said, I thought a freebie would be a great way to celebrate and thank you for reading this past year!! Holy YIKES I can’t believe its been a year! PINKplanning

Here’s a worksheet I’ve designed to help me plan and stay organized for all the parties i’m hosting or helping out with this Summer.


If you haven’t figured it out yet or are just tuning…I suffer from this slight disorder called TOCD aka TOTAL OVER COMPULSIVE DISORDER. I make lists for everything and yes I get made fun of for it, but have I ever forgotten something?


Ok yes, I still forget things, but this worksheet helps me forget way less! So boom baby!


I hope you find it helpful like I have. Plus, I’ve included four different colors for you to choose from! Click on the colored image below that you prefer to download your party planning freebie and enjoy staying on top of your to-do list!

Happy planning and here’s to many more posts from yours truly!








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