missing in action

At this point, you might have thought that I was MIA and I apologize for that, truly I have missed you lil blog of mine!

Here’s a few things to catch you up on:

  • We moved (que the angels singing!) into a town house! Which has included TONS of DIY projects that you bet I’ll be sharing.
  • I started working full time (another praise!!!) and am LOVIN my current position.
  • We know A LOT of people graduating or getting married this past month and current month so we’ve been attending a lot of parties, as I’m sure ya’ll have been too!
  • Kolin injured his knee, again. Oh that boy. We are anxiously waiting on the MRI results to see if a surgery is in our near future.
  • After our wedding I took a bit of a hiatus at the gym and recently I  took a leap and began taking classes here.  Hot dang.  I’ve worked muscles that I never even knew I had. SO worth the old man waddle I’ve been sportin’ lately.
  • I’m looking into branding a special project and if any of you designers are anything like me, I tend to hit a road block at the beginning when it comes to designing for myself. Or am I just alone in that realm?

Lastly, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I started blogging! I have grown to love it, met a few gems along the way and can’t wait to see where else this lil blog takes me!


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