thirsty thursday | march 6th

My husband is always sharing random videos with me and most of the time I watch them and end up rolling my eyes and making some smart donkey remark, but this time was different, so so different!

This video made my heart so incredibly full and I encourage you to watch it and fill your heart.

The act of kindness this man has in this video is so overwhelming. I wish more people would be this kind.  Our hearts would be filled with such genuine joy by doing acts of kindness like this.

But what I found even more interesting was how the homeless man wanted to share his winning. {que the uncontrollable water works} He was given this “winning lottery ticket” from a complete stranger and after finding out he had just won $1,000, he was so thankful that he wanted to share his winnings with his new friend.

So how many of you are going to go out there this week and try a random act of kindness? I know I am!

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