thirsty thursday | february 27th


It’s been a busy week in the Kraning household and I’m sad I didn’t have time to design a thirsty thursday print myself, but instead I went and browsed some on Pinterest and this one was callin’ my name!

This past week {ok way longer than a week, but that’s a whole different story} my husband has been in search of a new job and today he has not just one, but TWO big interviews and both jobs offer this career and passion collision, which is something we’ve been praying for him for years.

I am so incredibly proud of Kolin and his devotion to his passion and career, but even more so his passion for our Lord. He knows he must work hard and God will provide and that’s exactly what’s been happening lately. Gods provision.

Would you please join with me and pray for my husband today as he interviews with these two companies? Pray for His will to be done, pray for us to be reminded, always, that His plan is bigger and better than ours ever will be and pray that my husband rocks those interviewers socks off!

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