my funny valentine | gift guide

We don’t celebrate Valentines Day on the 14th we celebrate on the 13th, the day Kolin proposed to me and when it comes to gifts, I enjoy sticking to the theme. Whether my hunny spends $0 with a handmade card or $200 on an outrageous and overpriced gift, all it takes to melt this girls heart is for my funny valentine to absolutely LOVE the gift I GOT HIM. When searching for the perfect gift, I like to pull in the Valentines Day color scheme by adding a little red, pink or hearts to the mix, but most men aren’t as into those things as the average lady friend. I digress. As long as it’s a thought filled gift…it will serve as a sweet reminder of your love for him.

Here are some last minute items I thought my main squeeze would cherish!

my funny valentine

1. Capri Blue Jar Candle, Red, $28 / 2. The Rose Garden slim necktie, $35 / 3. Moleskine Pocket Squared Notebook, $11 / 4. Slim Vintage Oxford Shirt in Tonal Cotton, $69.50 / 5. Sperry Top-Sider Shoes, $85 / 6. Bob Dylan Freewheelin Vinyl, $19.97 / 7. Wool iPad Case, $75 / 8. Cards Against Humanity, $71

What are you giving your funny valentine this year?

Do you usually use the holiday’s color scheme…or is that just me geeking out?

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