thirsty thursday | february 6th

thirsty thursday | february 6thphoto by me: taken from the top of “top of the rock” in NYC

This saying is very near and dear to my heart, because it reminds me of my grandma norma who passed awat nearly 7 years ago. Today is her birthday and she would have been 82 and full of spunk.

My grandma was one of my best friends. I talked to her on the phone all the time, I wish I could have seen her more (she lived in Illinois) but our conversations were never dull. She was a sassy one, that Norma.

Every year, my family celebrates her birthday by eating her favorite desserts and spending time reminiscing on all our favorite memories of her. Mine was our “adventure walks” we would take when I was little. This is when she lived in California and played a huge role in raising me while my parents worked during the day.

On our “adventure walks” she would make up stories about the things we saw (always outrages and way over a 3 year olds head) and after one of our first walks she gave me my first diary. I remember how she would help me write what we saw and what not to write so that my parents wouldn’t blame her for my dramatic side.

She was the first person I told that I liked a boy (this was in pre-school) and she fully encouraged me to lay one on him the next day (again, pre-school… grandma never waisted time when it came to chasing what you want) Taking my grandma’s advice led me to being on full time out from dessert for like a week. This is her reply to me getting in trouble for “kissing” a boy…“well Alaina, you’ve just gotta be sneakier next time!”

Grandma, I love you and even though I miss you all the time, I know that you are near and looking after me every day!

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