one year of marriage

one year of marriage 1I can hardly believe yesterday marked one year of marriage with this stud muffin. Yes, we were super cheesy, and went back to our ceremony location, set up a handy tripod and took photos of ourselves at the exact spot where we said our vows to one another on February 2, 2013. But hey, we do cheesy in this relationship. It keeps things fun and never dull.

one year of marriage 2

{yes we like to act silly together}

So much has happened within a year that makes me so excited for the years to come. Not every day has been a piece of cake, marriage is trying and growing together is often uncomfortable, even painful at times, but we  do marriage together. We study the Word together, we pray together, we talk through our problems together even when we don’t want to. Our hearts move together.

Being married to Kolin has grown me into a better woman and it’s all because of his steadfast and unconditional love. He makes me want to and thrive to be a better person. I pray to be a wife that resembles the husband he is to me.

one year of marriage 4

Happy one year anniversary to the one that makes my heart sing, I love you handsome. love your bride.

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