resume design


Resumes are kinda a big deal, am I right?

I took Work Experience my junior year in high school and I remember the exact morning we went over resume’s and how to make them “stand out from the rest of the pile.”

I remember clearly, because I had contemplated skipping class to go get some breakfast with friends at this amazing silver dollar pancake house my friends and I used to go to instead of attending zero period (sorry mom and dad, but you knew I never liked school, plus I was passing all my classes ;) Something inside me told me I shouldn’t skip out on class that day so I stayed and conquered the retched 7am class of mine and am so glad I did, because now I can design a resume… like a boss.

Years later, I have never not had an interview with a company and not gotten the job. Every job interview I have had since I was 15 has always complimented how my resume has stood out. Even my first job at good old Dairy Queen, since all I had on there other than babysitting were extra curricular activities, I knew I wanted it to look goooood.

Over the weekend I decided to put some designs up in my etsy shop that I have made for family and friends throughout the years. I can honestly say that designing resumes is a challenge for me and that’s why I think I like doing them so much! See, with every new inquiry I get, it’s a new puzzle, there’s not two resumes that are the same.

So go check out the ones I have in my shop or even convo me about a custom design one for yourself!

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