four years | nine months

Four years ago today, I met Kolin who is now my husband. I can’t believe that, it feels like I’ve known him for my entire life, not just four years and the fact I get to call him my husband now. hot dang!

After meeting and spending twelve straight hours together talking about everything under the moon, praying that these moments would never end, I called my mom and told her “I just think I met the man I’m going to marry.” Let’s just say that wasn’t easy for me to say, being that I had just come out of a three year relationship just weeks before that.

A new boy was definitely not in my plan and I prayed that God wouldn’t bring anyone special into my life unless it was the one…three days after that prayer I met Kolin. God and His sense of humor I tell ya!

Now, of course I played it coy with Kolin and if you know Kolin, he finds that as a challenge and I sure am glad he took on the challenge to get to know me! Slowly, but surely!

CIMG1006This was the first picture of us together and was taken at Disneyland about a week after we met, obviously I wasn’t too coy with him at this point ;) With a slow start in the beginning, our relationship through the years has flown by and has never been boring. It has had it’s share of messy moments, but the fun, spontaneous, romantic, loving, hilariously funny moments has overthrown those messy moments by far!

You can read and watch how Kolin proposed here.

Today also marks nine months of marriage with him.


You can watch our wedding highlight video by the ever so talented Scott McCollum here.

It has been an interesting nine months with a lot of changes in both of our lives, some good and some bad, but I wouldn’t trade these past nine months for anything in the world. Going though life with my best friend has been the best experience this girl could have ever asked for!

Tonight I’m going to remember those moments I prayed would never end in the beginning of our relationship, and feel grateful for the fact that it never did.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us, handsome! I love you SO big! Happy anniversary, from your other half.

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