thirsty thursday

thirsty thursdays 9.19

This is one of my favorite verses in Proverbs. I bet a lot of us have heard this verse many times, but like any scripture, it must be read over and over again, for it to mean something to us. For it to permeate our daily lives.

Think about a Christian women who you look up to. I bet she goes through life’s messy ride just like you and I and she faces that mess clothed in strength, still looking at the future with hope. Knowing that…God’s got this.

Take these words to heart and please do not be discouraged, they are meant to be words of encouragement…to uplift you and guide you in your life journey! I want to encourage you to read on in Proverbs, but with an open heart and listen for God’s words to speak to you where you need it most.

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