meal planning | part two

meal planning2

Happy Monday everyone! So I thought it’s about time I share with you guys part two of my meal planning series. You can see part one here.

meal planning part two

As you can see, my grocery receipt seemed to never end and since my husband and I live on the third floor of our apartment complex, it took us three trips up {no better encouragement than stairs to get out of apartments and into a house!!} the stairs to get them all packed away and ready to go.

I spent a full day, okay, maybe not the full day, but a good eight hours slicing and dicing for our meals and ended up freezing a good portion for the next month!

Mine and Kolin’s favorite meal was this one…so far! It was so yummy!!! I substituted ground turkey for the ground beef and used pinwheel pasta just for fun.

The best part of meal planning for me is the worry free of whipping up a healthy meal instead of trying to rush and make a last minute and unhealthy meal. I have meals in hand that I can just throw in the oven or put in the crockpot and BUH-BAM, good grub is served!!

Keep sending me some good meal ideas, I love what I’ve gotten so far!

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