20 random things about myself


I was tagged on #Instagram to share 20 random things about myself and I thought it might be fun to post it here instead! You can follow me on Instgram by searching @alainakraning

1. I have loved working with kids and wanted to be a mama for as long as I can remember, but just to clarify…K and I are FAR away from the thought of bringing lil Kraning nuggets into the world.
2. I am terrified of roller coasters, but I’ll ride them because Kolin loves them.
3. I have always been super sensitive and emotional, but hide it well. Darn curse.
4. I change my clothes multiple times in the morning before settling on my outfit.
5. If I could live anywhere it would be a place with open fields and iced tea on the porch, kinda place.
6. I love movies, but hate spending the money going to the movies.
7. I never liked onions until Kolin introduced me to grilled onions.
8. I really cannot believe that I am married to Kolin and that we have this life. I just am so thankful.
9. When I was a kid the only sandwich I would eat is melted cheese with mayo.
10. I remember one time meeting a total stranger that was so kind, so sweet- she absolutely oozed with something that I can’t explain. I walked away from a simple conversation and decided that I wanted to be that type of person. I want people to leave a conversation with me and feel better about themselves, encouraged and loved.
11. I do not like being the center of attention. No sir, no thank you.
12. I am a mega people pleaser. Trying to be better.
13. One of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve been surprised with was a trip to Salvation Mt. from my hubby on my 22nd birthday.
14. Last minute planning really overwhelms me.
15. I adore sweets and baking treats.
16. I have really fallen in love with capturing the beauty in life through photos.
17. I am the worst phone person ever. It’s never near me and I mostly wish that I didn’t have one.
18. I was a psychology major before a graphic design major.
19. I feel like I am slowly learning who I really am.
20. I believe that loss and pain and heartache in a life can truly shape you into a kind, compassionate, absolutely beautiful person. The beauty that comes from within, it can shine through and be absolutely infectious when genuine. Genuine is key.

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