My brain has been on over-drive the past few weeks.
So many great changes happening in our little world.
Fun changes though!
Just a little peek into what I’m currently thinking about…
in no particular order…
+moving. our lease is up in November and we want a new adventure. here, here and here would be pretty swell.
+fpu also known as Financial Peace University, our church and small group are going through this study right now and it’s only been one day and I LOVE it.
+my etsy shoppe. I am having so much fun creating new products and need some little ladies to model for me! keep your eye out for the new inventory later this month.
+thinking about crockpot meals.
I need to start meal planning again…this saves Kolin and I SO much money!
I’m thinking we need to do some sort of crockpot recipe exchange in preparation for fall… yes?!
+my side of the family pictures coming up.
It’s about dang time…our last photos were taken when I was still in high school.
+girls night that I’m hosting this week. picture to come!
+missing my husband during the week days. it’s the pits not seeing him because of his work schedule.
it needs to change. pronto.
What are you thinking about these days?!

4 thoughts on “currently

  1. YES to meal planning! That’s what I do and it makes life so much easier. I spend about an hour planning and putting together my shopping list but, in the end, I’m so happy for that.
    And, to help with your search for crock pot meals, I recommend: -Josh just made this for us today and it’s realllllly good. -FREAKIN’ good, my friend made it for me then gave me the recipe and it’s awesome. -made this awhile ago but man is it flavorful!

    Well, happy meal planning and cooking, my friend!

    • you’re so sweet! thank you so much for all of those, Kimie! Have you ever done freezer meals? I totally recommend that, it saves even MORE time and they’re just as tasty!!! I’ll have to send you some recipes I have!!

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