dog park days

DOGPARKDAYS1I mean, who doesn’t get a smile on their face when playing with a pup? We sure had tons of fun spending the day at the dog park with my two pups, Mowgli and Rufus and our darling niece, Presley.DOGPARKDAYS2

Mowgli and Rufus were a tad stand off-ish towards the other dogs at first and wanted to do their own thing, but after some sniffin around they were old friends with the other dogs. Rufus {white fluff ball} aka Dufus, likes to lounge and watch big brother Mowgli {black and white cow lookin pup} do all the work fetching the ball.DOGPARKDAYS3It was so much fun handing over my camera to Presley, she takes pretty darn good photos for a seven year old, am I right? She told me she’s asking Santa for a camera now. Cutie.

What are some good dog parks in Southern Cali that you take your pups to?

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