back to school essentials

Too bad that back to school shopping doesn’t exist for this gal anymore. I’d file “back to school shopping” under “things I took for granted when I was a lil nugget”. Not to mention nap time, unlimited energy, yada, yada, yada.

Those end of Summer days spent shopping with my mom are one of those childhood memories I will miss most as a “grown up”. I will admit, I was a complete nerd and loved fresh new school supplies, almost as much as the clothing.

Here’s some of my favorite back to school essentials:

back to school essentials

My classroom top picks include: 1. Vintage tote to keep all my goodies in one place 2. This retro alarm clock 3. Isn’t this travel mug adorable? 4. If I were made of money, I’d splurdge and get these specs 5. these spec holders to keep them safe 6. I would need this ipad sleeve 7. An agenda to keep track of my busy schedule 8. A blank journal to take notes 9. and of course  (again, only if I were rich) some new fall ankle booties

Happy Monday ya’ll!

2 thoughts on “back to school essentials

    • aren’t the glasses adorable!? they look like they are made of 70% wood and 30% composite fibre…that’s what the website says anyways haha

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