31 years of marriage


Wednesday, July 31st was my in-laws 31st wedding anniversary and since Kent (my pops-in-law) is on a missions trip in India, Eryn (my sister-in-law), and I (as well as my husband and 3 of his 5 brothers, but who are we kidding, us ladies did most of the work. wink wink) planned a surprise dinner for Robin (my mama-in-law)! <—-wow that was a lot of new people in one sentence, you don’t even know the half of it…you’ll learn in due time my friends, in due time!kentandrobinanniversarydinner1

Eryn made a delicious dinner for all of us while I designed and put together the decorations (side note: I’m so happy her and I get to go through life together as the first two married Kraning gals to join the family, she’s amazing!) it was perfect! Robin was completely surprised. She had no idea any of us would be at Eryn and Kraig’s (brother-in-law) house to surprise her. We led her to believe we were all too busy to hang out, as if taking our dogs to the dog park was more important than celebrating with her ;)


From Top to Bottom: 1. Robin being surprised, 2. Robin with her boys and the newest Kraning McKinley, 3. Robin and her girls Eryn and myselfmomanddadkAren’t they adorable? This photo was taken earlier this year at mine and Kolin’s wedding. We can only hope and pray that our marriage has as much adventure as theirs has had in 31 years. They are truly such an inspiration and some of the best role models I could ask for. I consider myself blessed just to know Robin and Kent Kraning!

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