a {freebie} prayer reminder

What’s one thing that we so often forget to do when times get rough? PRAY! I know I am so guilty of this, it’s embarrassing really! I felt like I needed a daily reminder to make sure I am consistent in my prayer, but specifically prayer for my marriage! That’s what inspired me to design this sweet thang.

You can view the entire prayer reminder here .

Don’t you just love it? I mean, I might be a little bias towards it since I’m the designer behind it, but I just think it’s the perfect reminder for me. I have it pinned up next to my vanity in my bedroom, where I know I will see it every morning as I’m getting ready!

What are some ways you remind yourself to pray? I would love to hear more ideas!

Also, don’t forget to leave a comment below if you’d like a custom one for you and your hunny, I’d love to send one your way as a gift from my marriage to yours!


5 thoughts on “a {freebie} prayer reminder

  1. I love this!!! You are seriously so amazing. I adore your style, the way you write, and your passion! I would totally love one of these bad boys for Logan and I if you wouldn’t mind! I’m going to put that puppy on the fridge. (:

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