thirsty thursdays

So why Thursdays? Well you see, my small group gals decided to do a “daily devotional” a while back and my dear friend Alyssa had the genius idea of assigning each of us girls one day a week to lift each other up with a positive saying that has recently left our hearts full.

We lift each other up by sending a text, facebook message or any other way of communication to every one in our group on our assigned day of the week.

I’ve grown to absolutely ADORE this. At first I was pumped, but quickly hesitant, I thought to myself; “yikes, here’s another commitment to add to my routine!”, but it has become so much more than just the norm and I definitely want to encourage everyone to have a “daily devotional” partner or group, it’s has been such a blessing in my life.

My assigned day is Thursday and every week when Thursday comes around, I usually have my “daily devotional” eager and ready (half the time, I end up switching back and fourth between multiple different quotes I hear throughout the week, but come time to share, it seems to always be THAT one special one I needed to be reminded of myself.)

I love being able to explain what hits home or what I’m going through via someone else’s words of wisdom and if I get to encourage my girls at the same time, it’s a double whammy!

Here’s my encouragement for this week…


This saying has been in my thoughts a lot lately for so many reasons. Whether it’s because of mine and Kolin’s recent job situation, or if it’s for someone going through something similar or completely different, yet still a storm in their lives. This phrase reminds me that life is what you make of it, God always has a plan for us even if it’s different than the one we hoped and planned for, but guess what? His way is 100% better than any way we could have ever imagined for ourselves. I think the way we handle whatever it is we’re going through, shows a lot about our characters.

I’m usually a joyful person, I would much rather be in a good mood, rather than a bad one…it just takes way too much energy to be a negative nancy, juuuust sayin. Now this isn’t to say that my life is perfect or that I tend to dance through it and forget about all my worries and just make the most of everything, or even make it seem like I’m dancing through it, because TRUST me, I’m NOT always dancing, (even though I do the best impression of salt-n-pepa) With that being said, read this article on that, because boy oh boy, I could go on and on about people’s “snapshots of the perfect life”.

We live for a reason, no matter what you believe in, we need to deal with the curve balls thrown at us and how we deal with those sly lil suckers will be how we are remembered.

So I choose to dance, even if my husband asks, begs me not to in public ;)

If you have any questions what-so-ever, leave a question in the comments or even email me! I love hearing all ya’lls thoughts!

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